Adidas Predator Edge 94 Boots Released - Inspired by the First-ever Adidas Predator

Adidas have today launched a 1994-inspired edition of the Predator Edge+, confirming yesterday's leak.

Adidas Predator Edge 94+

Here are the new Adidas Predator Edge 94+ cleats.

The new Predator Edge 94+ football boots from Adidas introduce a classy design in black with red accents on the sole plate and white 3 Stripes.

1994 Adidas Predator

The shape of the 3 Stripes on the new 1994 remake Adidas Predator Edge cleats as well as the upper structure are inspired by the first-ever Adidas Predator, released for the 1994 World Cup.

Tech-wise, the Adidas Predator Edge 1994 remake boots feature a leather upper as well as a slightly redesigned 3D upper structure compared to the regular Adidas Predator Edge+.

Adidas Predator Edge 94+ - Features

  • Laceless construction
  • Leather upper
  • Two-piece adidas PRIMEKNIT collar
  • Predator '94-style forefoot pads
  • Price: EUR 300 / USD 290/ GBP 250

Adidas' new Predator Edge 94+ soccer boots are set to be released shortly. The price is a bit higher than for the regular Adidas Predator Edge+ - EUR 300 / USD 290/ GBP 250.

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