3 Odd Things About Nike's Inter Milan 22-23 Keeper Kits

There are a few strange about the crests of the Nike Inter Milan 2022-2023 (goalkeeper) jerseys.

1 - Yellow & Orange Nike Inter 22-23 Keeper Jerseys Feature Blue Star

The yellow and the orange versions of the Nike Inter Milan 22-23 goalkeeper jerseys do not feature a black or golden star but a blue star. It is surely an uncommon look.

We imagined how it would look with a black star - we think it is more fitting.

But that's not the only interesting thing about the Nike Inter 2022-2023 keeper jerseys.

2 - Inter 22-23 Crest Is Different On Home & Keeper Kits

The crest on the Inter 22-23 keeper kits is also different to the logo on the home shirt. The Inter 22-23 home shirt has a "fake stitched" logo, while the Inter 22-23 keeper kits have the 22-23 Nike authentic logo style.

3 - Replica Inter 22-23 Goalkeeper Jerseys Sold Without Authentic Logos

What is also very uncommon is that the replica versions of the Nike Inter Milan 2022-2023 goalkeeper jerseys sold on the website feature the crest of the authentic version.

The Nike Inter 22-23 goalkeeper jerseys are only available to buy in the club's official store and nowhere else. The Inter crests were possibly added afterward in Italy on standard Nike teamwear and not produced specifically for the club.

Inter 22-23 Goalkeeper Black

Inter 22-23 Goalkeeper Orange

Inter 22-23 Goalkeeper Yellow

We think that either Nike or Inter put the logos on the standard Nike Gardien IV goalkeeper kit, solely for the Inter store.

Do you prefer the star in black or blue? Comment below.