Next-Gen Adidas Copa Pure 2023 Boots Leaked - No Kangaroo Leather?

Update: Here is the first picture of the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure+ 2023 football boots. Big thanks to PJ.

The picture shows the launch edition of the Adidas Copa Pure 2023 football boots. They have an understated design in black with modern touches in pink, a partly white sole plate, and possibly some blue detailing.

The next-generation Adidas Copa Pure 2023 football boots will be launched in January 2023, shortly after the 2022 World Cup.

The pictures also give us a close look at the upper. We have been told that it it made from calf leather instead of Kangaroo leather.

Update: Pictures of a blackout prototype of the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure+ football boots have been leaked via @bootsclub. They give us the best look at the laceless high-end version of the next generation of the control silo.

The diamond on the outstep lets them appear like an Umbro bootInterestingly, the Adidas Copa Pure soccer boots have a diamond on the outstep that let them appear like an Umbro boot. It is certainly there for better lockdown. It remains to be seen how/if Adidas mark it specifically.

We can leak the name and the first pictures of the much-awaited next-generation Adidas Copa 2023 football boots. They are called "Adidas Copa Pure". Thanks to Ofoball for the leaked images and bootsclub as well as Boots Culture for the boot spots.

A blackout prototype of the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure football boots were already debuted by Jurrien Timber in last weekend's Eredivisie match. Other players to sport them in training were Leipzig's Konrad Laimer and West Ham's Declan Rice.

The Adidas Copa Pure cleats are the successor of the Adidas Copa Sense, launched around 2 years (24 months) after the Copa Sense. The Adidas Copa has twice the life of the Adidas Predator and X.

Adidas Copa Pure - Next-Gen 2023 Copa Soccer Cleats

The next-generation Adidas Copa 2023 football boots are made to offer virtuoso ball control without any disturbing elements - a pure football boot for perfect touch and control.

Exclusive: Adidas to Use No Kangaroo Leather For Next-Gen Adidas Copa 2023 Boots

The new Adidas Copa Pure 2023 boots have quilted lines for superior ball control and comfort while offering lockdown. This is inspired by the Copa Mundial and classic leather cleats in general.

What might be a big downside is the main material used for the Adidas Copa Pure soccer boots. Instead of Kangaroo leather, Adidas will certainly use calf leather.

Adidas offer the Copa Pure again in a laceless and laces variant.

What has been also updated is the outsole. It now comes with more angular studs for better acceleration and lockdown.

Adidas Copa Pure+ - Laceless Version

Designed for control without any distractions, the laceless variant of the Adidas Copa Sense has a mid-size collar. The quilted vamp lines of the upper are not disrupted at all.

Adidas Copa Pure.1 - Laces Version

The laces version of the Adidas Copa Pure has a classic, big tongue.

Adidas Copa 2023 - Features

  • Exact features not known yet
  • Successor of Adidas Copa Sense
  • Calf leather instead of kangaroo leather (rumored)
  • Quilted vamp lines in the upper
  • Laceless (+) and laces (.1) versions
  • Price: USD 280
  • Release date: January 2023

The new Copa 2023 football boots from Adidas are set to be available from January 2023, retailing at USD 280.

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