Greece Extend Nike Partnership - Downgrade to Teamwear Confirmed

Update - October 2, 2022: It has recently been confirmed by the Greek football federation that their partnership with Nike has been extended through kit retailer Football Pro. Football Pro are now part of 11teamsports, who also supply the likes of Slovakia and Slovenia internationally.

Original - October 1, 2022: As you may have noticed, Greece are among the few European nations to not have received new home and away shirts in the past months. We are taking a look at what might be behind this and what is to come.

No 2022 Greece Kits Yet

The 2020 set of Greece home and away shirts by Nike was fully bespoke, on the same level as bigger nations such as France, England or Brazil.

This was however also the case for the likes of Norway, Finland, Slovenia and Slovakia. They were all 'demoted' to simple teamwear with some extra customization, now only having Nike deals through companies like 11teamsports.

It is now confirmed that Greece will encounter the same fate. The nation's kits will most likely be teamwear-based with custom elements added by 11teamsports. Here are some possible template options.

Greek football has been on a steep downward trajectory since the 2014 World Cup, which was their last participation in a major tournament. Even in the relatively new UEFA Nations League they have struggled to leave their mark, falling into place in the 3rd of 4 tiers.

The extreme lack of recent success leaves Greece with little to no bargaining power when it comes to major kit suppliers such as Nike. Perhaps they should look to join a smaller brand.

What do you expect from Greece's new kits? Do you like their extension with Nike? Comment below.