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Adidas Italy 2023 Kits to Be "Bellissime"

In early 2023, Adidas are set to release their first-ever modern Italy football kits. There is still no leak of the shirts yet, but what we have been told sounds very promising.

Concept by ChelseaChampions

Adidas Italy 2023 Jerseys Ready & "Very Beautiful"

No official Adidas designs - concepts by ChelseaChampions.

The Adidas Italy 2023 kits have been described by an Italian who saw the kits as "Bellissime" - this translates to "very beautiful". Whatever it exactly means, it makes us want to see the kits right now.

The Italian Women's team will debut the home kit on 15 February 2023

Indeed, we could already leak the official colorways of the Italy 2023 Adidas kits. Both the home and away jerseys have rather classic paint jobs.

Italy 2023 Home & Away Kits - Leaked Colorways

What is also sure is that the Italy 2023 kits will feature the new logo of the Italian national football team. The crest has been not officially presented yet.

Adidas Italy 2023 Home Kit Concepts by ChelseaChampions

The concept below could be very close to the official design.

This Adidas Italy 2023 concept could be very similar to the final look.

We have no concrete design info on the Adidas Italy 2023 kits, but concepts by ChelseaChampions set a high benchmark of what is possible.

Tricolore Three Stripes would perfectly fit

A great design element of the first-ever modern Adidas Italy kits would be Three Stripes in the colors of the Italian flag. The green, white, and red greatly blend with the Azzurri blue.

For the away shirt, Adidas combine off-white with navy.

Adidas of course have finished the design process of the Italy 2023 kits, and the production of Adidas Italy 2023 kits has already started.

We expect the Adidas Italy 2023 football kits to be launched in early/mid-February 2023. They will be debuted by the Italian Women's team in the 2023 Arnold Clark Cup, on 15 February 2023.

Do you look forward to seeing the Adidas Italy 2023 home and away kits? Do you think the Three Stripes will make an even better job than with their 2022 World Cup kits? Comment below.