Adidas Should Re-Release Classic World Cup Balls

The 2022 World Cup also sees the use of a new World Cup football. Many football fans people associate strong memories with classic World Cup balls. However, it is impossible to get them today - should Adidas re-release some of their classic World Cup soccer balls?

Adidas have released 14 different World Cup balls since 1974

Adidas have been making the official match ball of the FIFA World Cup since 1974. Since then, the Three Stripes have released 14 different World Cup footballs.

No Info About Possible Adidas World Cup Ball Re-Releases

The classic Adidas World Cup soccer balls were released in FIFA 23, but only virtually. This made us think that Adidas should release them physically. We asked people on Twitter and the result was overwhelming - 90% of our followers want Adidas to relaunch classic World Cup balls.

Nike re-released classic footballs in 2019 & 2020

What would be interesting with World Cup remakes is not only the visual aspect but also the tech aspect. The Adidas 2002, 2006 & 2010 World Cup soccer balls did feature remarkable flight characteristics, which made them perfect for knuckle balls.

Mitre & Nike Remake Footballs

Indeed, Nike already re-released some of their most iconic classic footballs in 2019/2020 to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of their Premier League partnership. Iconic British brand Mitre also relaunched classic footballs - their 2022 1972 remake went under the radar, however.

Adidas also brought back the 2006 Teamgeist in 2022. They released the ball just in a takedown version, and not in the original design but in club-inspired colorways.

Adidas Remake Football Boots

Adidas have a long history when it comes to boot remakes, which have become a regular and ever-popular feature in the past few years. Adidas also released remakes of classic Arsenal kits. For balls, there has been nothing like that.

We have no info that Adidas could re-release old World Cup balls

We have no income that Adidas plan to re-release classic World Cup footballs but you never know...

Would you like Adidas to re-release classic World Cup footballs? Which would you like to be remade? Comment below.