Bristol Rovers Scrap Crest Redesign Process For Now, Will Keep Current Design

The Bristol Rovers today announced that they have - for now - stopped a fan consultation process about possibly changing the club crest.

Over a total of three surveys, the Rovers asked their supporters to weigh in about the possibility of updating the current club badge. According to the club, the current design is problematic "when it comes to applying to merchandise or using it through online channels."

The first survey showed that the supporters were negative about switching to a circular design, while there was a "small majority [...] that were open to change." The second survey was aimed at identifying which elements should feature in a future Bristol Rovers crest. Finally, the third survey offered fans a chance to share their thoughts on a crest concept that took those details into account.

This third survey, however, according to the club showed "it was clear that the current route wasn’t the right path to go down."

"Since the release of this survey, we have been inundated with responses from supporters who have designed their own concepts and shared their own feedback. Thanks to all of those that have taken the time to develop these concepts and should any of these gain traction in the future, the club can re-open the process." - Bristol Rovers

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