Why the Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit is Mint Green

For the 2023-2024 season, Chelsea will get a mint-colored third kit. It is anything but a first in the club's history - we take a look back at mint-colored Chelsea kits of the past and what the 2023-2024 Chelsea third kit could look like.

The mint color is called "Eton Blue"

Chelsea's History of Mint-Colored Kits

Chelsea's first-ever kit from 1905 until October 1906 was Mint Blue, or "Eton Blue". The mint color of the first-ever Chelsea kits was because of the Earl of Cadogan, who was the team's first president. The horse racing colors of Racing Colours of Lord Cadogan were Eton blue and white.

Eton blue is similar to the turquoise of Cambridge University, registered c. 1889.

Chelsea used the Eton Blue color for around one year only. Chelsea wore "blue and white" against Lincoln City on 13 October 1906 and should do so until today as the first choice.

Chelsea did not have a mint-colored away kit for exactly 80 years - in 1986, the club released a mint-colored Chelsea away uniform. It was made in-house.

The exact design of the Chelsea 23-24 third kit is not known yetAdidas released a black/mint Chelsea FC goalkeeper jersey for the 2010-11 season and a mint-colored goalkeeper jersey for the 2015-16 season.

Chelsea 23-24 Third Kit - Mock-Ups

This is a mock-up showing the colors of the new Nike Chelsea Football Club third jersey for 23-24.

The Nike Chelsea 23-24 third football shirt has a light mint base color. The color is officially called "Mint Foam".

The accent color of the Chelsea 23-24 third kit is not known yet, but white appears most likely by far.

White is most likely the accent colorNothing about the concrete design is known yet, so the mock-ups only provide a look at the color combo.

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We could have to wait until September 2023 for the final look of the Nike Chelsea Football Club 2023-24 third jersey - the expected release date of the shirt.

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