Crucial Error: Nike Send Full Box of Premier League 23-24 Balls to Wrong Address

A man in brentford, England, received a shipment of 23-24 Nike Flight match balls complete with Premier League logo, giving us our first look at next season's design.

23-23 Premier League Ball Leaked

A shipping error led to a 27 year old electrician receiving a delivery of 12 Nike Flight match balls for the 23-24 Premier League season that were meant for Brentford FC. As reported by the Sun, Miki Morrison had ordered a hoodie from Nike but received the footballs instead.

Morrison sold his story to the tabloid, who claim they then contacted Nike and Brentford FC, allowing for the balls to reach their intended destination. Not before the Sun published photos of them on their website, of course.

The images show that the ball has the same grooves as the original Flight ball introduced in 2021, but with new graphics. A continuous, meandering black line runs around it and there are abstract orange blotches all over it. The Premier League logo is also visible.

The presence of the Premier League logo would seem to indicate that this particular graphic and colourway will be used in the English top flight. However, the colourway of the ball is similar to previous standard iterations of the Nike Flight ball, as seen above, so it is possible that this design will be the general release version. At this early stage, is it is difficult to say which scenario is more likely.

Would you like to see this design used in the Premier League? Or are you hoping this will be the standard colourway and that the Premier League version will be different? Comment below.