Denmark Forced by FIFA to Put National Flag on Shirt?

Have FIFA struck again? The Denmark national football team wore a slightly different kit than the one that was released.

Denmark's 2022 World Cup kits are a protest against the Qatari government and the country's violations of human rights. Hummel designed a monochrome shirt with the Federation crest and the Hummel logo in the same color as the shirt, making them “invisible”. Hummel and Denmark "don’t want visibility in a tournament that cost the lives of thousands of people".

Monochrome Denmark 2022 World Cup Home, Away & Third Kits Released - Inspired by Euro 1992 Kit

Because of FIFA? Denmark Debut 2022 World Cup Kit With Danish Flag

The Denmark 2022 World Cup kit worn against Tunisia featured the Danish flag in the center. There is no official source on why Denmark put the flag on the jersey but it is possibly due to FIFA.

There is no rule that forbids Denmark's original kitHowever, we could not find a paragraph in the official FIFA Equipment Regulations that forbids teams to have a monochrome logo only. Indeed, there is even no paragraph that requires teams to have a crest or country flag at all.

In the UEFA Nations League, Denmark did not wear a flag on the jersey.

In the UEFA Euro 2020, Germany were allowed to wear a stealth kit with a monochrome crest only.

Reason not known yetWe hope to receive official information on why Denmark put the flag on their kits. Until then, we can not say if it was FIFA who forced Denmark to add the flag.

FIFA Block Denmark's "Human Rights For All" World Cup Training Shirts

Before the World Cup started, FIFA had already vetoed the training shirt designed by Hummel - they would have the phrase “Human Rights For All” (Human Rights for All).

England, Germany, and Other European Teams Will Not Wear OneLove Captain Armbands at 2022 World Cup

FIFA also forbid teams to wear the "One Love" captain armband.

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