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Ecuador 2022 World Cup Away Kit Had to Be Modified Due to FIFA Rules

Ecuador caught the attention of the kit world when they played the Netherlands in a 1-1 draw on Friday.

Wearing their away kit, many kit experts quickly noted that the version on display in Qatar was different from the one unveiled back in August.

Rather than the monochrome version on the original design, the Ecuador away jersey worn in the Netherlands game featured a regular-colored federation badge on the left chest.

Many were quick to note that this was likely related to FIFA's kit rules, similar to Denmark adding a large flag to their otherwise all-red home kit, and this was later confirmed by a Marathon employee. Roberto Montero, who is a senior designer at the Ecuador-based sportswear brand, wrote on Twitter that the change "was at the request of FIFA."

It's not clear which part of FIFA's official Equipment Regulations is to blame for this, although there are a few possibilities. Section 8.2 states that a team identifier (logo) "must be displayed in the same colour and form across all respective Playing Kit items of Outfield Players and goalkeepers used by the Team in a particular Competition", even though an exception is made for alternative kits, which would be the case with the Ecuador away.

It's all a bit confusing and in the end it might be due to the kits not being approved correctly rather than a simple violation of the regulations. Should there be any developments to this story we'll make sure to keep you updated.

What do you think is to blame for the changed Ecuador away kit? Do you prefer the original or updated version? Comment below.