New Aston Villa Logo Is Not a Copy of Chelsea Crest

A few days ago, Aston Villa announced the winning design of the logo vote for season ticket holders and club members. In the end, Aston Villa supporters decided to go for the circular shape, which is somewhat reminiscent of the current Chelsea logo.

Let's take a look at the logo history of each club and find out what the inspiration for the new Aston Villa logo really is.

Aston Villa, one of England's most important football clubs and one of the first 12 participants in the English League, was founded in 1874. The lion is a part of Aston Villa's identity ever since club chairman William McGregor took over the reigns in the late 19th century.

McGregor, a Scotsman, had a mutual connection with Aston Villa in the first place because of his Scottish heritage, and decided to work for the club in 1877. In fact, McGregor decided that the lion from Scotland's royal crest should be the emblem of Aston Villa since Aston Villa also had strong ties in the Scottish community in Birmingham.

On the other hand, Chelsea was founded in 1905, and the English giants first used a lion in their crest in 1953. Until then, an image of a Chelsea Pensioner represented the club. The reason for this was a connection to the British military.

The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded in 1682 for veterans of the British Army, and Chelsea decided to honour the institution - leading to the club's first nickname, the Pensioners. The idea to use a lion in the Chelsea club crest was inspired by the Abbot of Westminester.

What do you think of the new Aston Villa logo? Did you know that Aston Villa used a lion in their badge before Chelsea? Drop us a line below.