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Karius Wears Brown "Leather" Gloves vs Manchester United

Newcastle United goalkeeper Loris Karius got his first appearance of the season today in the League Cup Final against Manchester United. He played decently enough but couldn't prevent his side losing 2-0.

What caught our attention were the unique gloves worn by the German, which had an almost leather look to them. They are the same gloves that Karius was already spotted wearing in training in last November, made by the small goalkeeper brand POPE's.

Newcastle United keeper Loris Karius is wearing an extraordinary pair of goalkeeper gloves, we have been made aware.

Karius Wears POPE's "Leather & Chocolate" Goalkeeper Gloves

Loris Karius' goalkeeper gloves look like being made from leather. However, it is actually not an old pair of keeper gloves.

POPE's are a small German soccer goalkeeper gloves brand

Loris Karius' goalkeeper gloves were designed in cooperation with his goalkeeper gloves supplier POPE's. They have modern tech but a classic design. The model is called "Leather & Chocolate".

„Loris loves the slightly thinner upper hand, as it gives him the greatest possible flexibility. To the simple beauty of this model, which we exclusively for not disturbing him when we made him, we deliberately embossed our logos and lettering only slightly,“ says POPE’s COO Christoph Nowak, who has been on friendly terms with the goalkeeper for many years and looks after him.

Karius uses the chocolate brown „Contact adhesive foam“, which is protected with a film before use to ensure the best possible grip.

The POPE's Karius 'Leather & Chocolate' goalkeeper gloves model is currently not available for sale, but should be included in the glove specialist’s range if there is sufficient demand.

Karius yet has to debut the goalkeeper gloves in an official match. Since joining the club during the season on 12 September 2022, Karius did not made a single match for Newcastle United.

Karius yet has to make a match for Newcastle

POPE´s are a relatively unknown German brand specialized in keeper gloves. Founded by 'goalkeeper pope' Christoph Nowak, quite many German keepers like Christian Früchtl, Tim Wiese, Daniel Heuer Fernandes, and Marcel Lotka are wearing them.

Karius Wears Nike Tiempo Legend Made in Italy Boots

Karius definitely pays attention to his style on-pitch. He is wearing the Made in Italy Nike Tiempo football boots.

Do you like this classic style for modern goalkeeper gloves? Comment below.