2022 World Cup Semi Finals Kit Matchups Revealed

The final four nations in the 2022 World Cup remain, with the two semi-final matches still to play. Once again, FIFA have provided journalists covering the event with the team uniforms for the upcoming fixtures.

World Cup Semi Finals Kit Matchups

Here are the outfits that will be worn in the 2022 World Cup semi-final matches. As always, a large determining factor is the distribution of who has the first kit choice.

Argentina are the 'home' side against Croatia, however, they will be switching to their alternative white shorts and socks, due to Croatia's navy outfit.

During the group stage of the 2018 World Cup, we already saw Argentina duel with Croatia (0-3), wearing their mainly white outfits at the time.

Croatia's tradional white jerseys with red checkers are obviously not an option due to the amount of white clashing with Argentina's home kits.

Designated home side France will once again wear their navy home kits, paired with white shorts and red socks, continuing their flawless record of never resorting to the white away shirts.

The red socks mean Morocco will certainly not be wearing their full first choice outfit. The North-African nation will adapt this look, adding white socks instead.

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