France Won't Wear Away Kit, Even If They Reach World Cup Final

France are one of the teams at the 2022 World Cup that have only worn their home shirts so far. According to footpack, this will continue to be the case all the way to a possible final. Here is a break-down of why that is the case.

France Will Not Wear Away Kit

Tonight, Les Bleus face off against England in the quarter finals, in what is set to be a clash of titans.

As we pointed out recently, France, the designated away side, will wear their Tricolor design, despite England's similar white and navy home colors.

This continues France's home-kit-only streak, after their navy home jersey sufficed in every match so far.

Looking onto future fixtures, the winner of England/France becomes the designated home side against Morocco/Portugal, meaning that France would once again use their first kit choice.

Reaching the semi-finals means a guaranteed further match in the form of the final or contest for third place. France would face off against either Argentina or Croatia, who both play in mainly white.

So regardless of the fact that France will not be the designated home side, their navy home shirts will always be the only option, no matter the scenario of winners and losers.

What do you think of France's one hundred percent home kit record? Would you prefer to have seen the away shirt on occassion? Comment below.