Best Kit Collection of the Year? Amazing Charly 22-23 Liga MX Third Kits Released

Mexican brand Charly have once again created an incredible set of third kits for their Mexican teams, this time with the help of artists Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles.

Charly 2022-2023 Liga MX Third Special Jerseys
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Charly teamed up with Mexican artists Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles.

Charly sponsor reigning Liga MX champions Pachuca as well as the Mexican club Atlas, Club León, Querétaro, Santos Laguna, and Xolos.

Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles is an art gallery in Oaxaca that specializes in the production of traditional Tonas and Nahuales figures.

Charly 2022-2023 Liga MX Third Special Jerseys

The new Charly 2022-2023 special third kits all have one-of-a-kind designs inspired by symbols of each club - their symbols were captured in art made from copal wood.

Each of the designs also includes the embossed logo representing Jacobo and María Ángeles.

Charly Querétaro 2022-2023 Third Kit

The new Querétaro 22-23 third kit highlights the "symbolic rooster and colors" of the club.

Charly Santos Laguna 2022-2023 Third Kit

The Santos Laguna 22-23 special kit "shows a true warrior at heart."

Charly Pachuca 2022-2023 Third Kit

The 22-23 special Pachuca kit "highlights the champion's crest with the club's representative mascot (a tuza named Pachus)."

Charly Atlas 2022-2023 Third Kit

The Atlas 22-23 third kit has "details that represent a kit full of history."

Charly Club Leon 2022-2023 Third Kit

Club Leon's 22-23 third uniform features "a lion that demonstrates its essence and identity".

Charly Xolos Tijuana 2022-2023 Third Kit

The "silhouette of the Aztec dog reflects the character and history of the club."

The new Charly 2022-2023 Liga MX 3rd football kits retail at a price of 90 USD.

Charly 2022-2023 Liga MX Third Special Jerseys
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Do you like Charly's special Liga MX kits created in cooperation with Taller Jacobo y María Ángeles? Comment below.