Netherlands Youngster Xavi Simons Wears Xavi Only on Kit in 2022 World Cup

On Saturday, Netherlands' Xavi Simons became the youngest player to ever feature for the Netherlands in the knockout stages of the World Cup. You might have also noticed that the Dutch player had the name of a famous Spanish footballer on the back - Xavi. Let us find out why.

Even though he is just aged 19, Xavi Simons has been already in the media for more than 10 years. He was a Chelsea target by 12 years old, had 2m Instagram followers at 16, and already played for FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and now PSV Eindhoven.

Xavi Simons Names After Former Barcelona & Spain Midfielder Xavi

Xavi Simons has been named after famous FC Barcelona footballer Xavi Hernandez by his father Regillio Simons. Simons Sr finished his playing career at the Dutch team "TOP Oss" in 2006.

At the age of 7, Xavi Simons joined FC Barcelona. When playing for FC Barcelona, Xavi Simons did have no name on the back, as is usual for FC Barcelona youth teams.

Xavi Simons started with Simons only on his back

In 2020, Xavi Simons joined Paris Saint-Germain. For the presentation, he just had the name "Simons" on the back. He switched to "X. Simons", which he also wore in his few Ligue 1 appearances.

Since his transfer to PSV, Xavi Simons wears Xavi on the backIn 2022, Xavi Simons joined Dutch side PSV Eindhoven. He opted to have Xavi on the back of his kit, which he should also wear for the Netherlands national football team.

Nike Have Apparently Lost PSG Youngster Xavi Simons

The Netherlands No. 25 kit with Xavi on the back costs you 115 Euro in the official Dutch online store.

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