Adidas & Nike Battle For 2022 World Cup Title

Update: It is an Adidas vs Nike final in the 2022 World Cup. Argentina (Adidas) will face France (Nike) in the 2022 World Cup title. Both teams have won the World Cup two times already, meaning that the winner will get a third star.

2022 World Cup Kit Battle - Final

Update: Four Nike teams were knocked out in the 2022 World Cup quarter-finals. The Adidas and Puma team both reached the semi-finals, meaning that only Nike teams were knocked out in the quarter-finals.

The last remaining Adidas and Puma teams both won their quarter-finalsIn the 2022 World Cup semi-final, Nike still lead and have the chance for an all-Nike final. Nike: 2 teams, Adidas & Puma: 1 team

2022 World Cup Kit Battle - Semi-Finals

Update: It is now even more likely that a Nike team will win the 2022 World Cup. Nike supply 6 of the remaining 8 teams (75%). Only two teams not sponsored by the Swoosh are left (Argentina - Adidas, Morocco - Puma).

2022 World Cup Kit Battle - Quarter Finals

2022 World Cup Kit Brand Overview - Quarter Finals

2022 World Cup Kit Brand Overview - All 32 Teams vs Quarter Finals

Original Article: Nike Win 2022 World Cup Group Stage Kit Battle

Nike have had an impressive record in the 2022 World Cup group stage when it comes to their sponsored teams, and so also to kits.

2022 World Cup Kit Makers Last 16 - Only Adidas, Nike & Puma Left

10 Nike teams are in the round of 16. Both Adidas and Puma make the kits for just 3 teams, respectively.

Nike started the 2022 World Cup with 13 teams, meaning that just three Nike teams were eliminated in the group stage - Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Canada.

Meanwhile, all small brands were already eliminated - Hummel, Marathon, Majid, Kappa, New Balance, and One All Sports.

Nike Clearly Lead Against Heat: Puma 2022 World Cup Kits Have Breathability Like Plastic Bags

As reported by us earlier this week, Nike's kits are also the best against the heat of the three big brands. It is not known if this had any impact on the performance of teams but it is probably random.

2022 World Cup - Last 16 Kit Duels

Are you surprised to see Nike winning the group stage with this big gap? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and check out all World Cup football kit statistics and classic old jerseys on Football Kit Archive.