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Nike x Off-White Goalkeeper Shirt Released

Nike x Off-White have released a new clothing collection with a goalkeeper jersey as one of the main pieces.

Nike x Off-White Clothing Goalkeeper Shirt

Nike and Off-White have been collaborating for years now, with a wide range of footwear models and even a complete football collection in their joint back catalogue. Their latest collection is not football-centred, although they did include one football garment in the form of a goalkeeper shirt.

The Nike x Off-White goalkeeper shirt is metallic blue with a swirling brown pattern that recreates the appearance of wood grain. Thick black cuffs and a round neck collar provide some contrast, while white is used for the Off-White logo on the front and the nameset on the back.Blue rubberized elbow pads spell out Nike and the shape of the Swoosh logo on the front is warped slightly.

Nike x Off-White Clothing Collection

The whole collection is intended to "commemorate human uniqueness and the organic wonder of life". You can see some of the other non-football pieces above and below.

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