No More Umbro - Jako Iraq 2023 Home & Away Kits Leaked

Pictures of the new Iraq 2023 home and away shirts surfaced online today. Made by Jako, the new Iraq home and away shirts will be worn in the International.

Iraq 2023 Home Kit

Check out Jako's Iraq 2023 home jersey below.

The Jako Iraq 2023 home shirt is green with white trim. The torso of the jersey boasts an elaborate tonal graphic of two lions face to face and other patterns above and below them.

Jako's dots run down the shoulders while the sleeves are solid green.

Iraq 2023 Away Kit

This is the Iraq 2023 away jersey, made by Jako.

The Jako Iraq 2023 away shirt is white, with green used on the v neck and cuffs. The same patterns and graphics are used on the torso, with green outlines and shading making them more visible.

What do you make of the the Iraq 2023 home and away kits? Comment below.