Exclusive: Adidas River Plate 2023 Icon Remake Kit Leaked - Almost Identical to Manchester United's

Like all other Adidas top teams, Argentinian powerhouse River Plate will get a special remake kit from Adidas.

Like the other kits of the Adidas 2023 Icon Remake collection, the Adidas River 2023 retro jersey won't be worn in an official match certainly.

River Plate 2023 Icon Kit

This is the new Adidas River icon shirt for 2023.

The Adidas CA River Plate 2023 icon jersey is black, white, and red. The trademark element of the jersey, the big Three Stripes, are white/red/white.

Manchester United get almost the same colorway

Interestingly, the Adidas River Plate 2023 icon jersey is almost identical to the Icon jersey of Manchester United. The only differences are the colors of the collar, sleeve cuffs, and Adidas logo.

The release date of the Adidas Club Atlético River Plate 2023 icon football shirt is set for January/February 2023.

Made by Adidas. What do you make of the River Plate's icon jersey? Should they have made a different design to differ more from that of Manchester United? Comment below.