Sign of Things to Come? Bahia 2023 "City Group" Kit Released

Bahia have launched a new sky blue shirt to celebrate becoming part of the City Football Group, whose purchase of the club was approved by board members earlier this month. The shirt is manufactured by Esquadrão, the in-house brand of Bahia.

Bahia 2023 "City Group" Kit

This is the new Esquadrão Bahia "City Group" jersey for 2023.

The Esquadrão Bahia 2023 "City Group" shirt is sky blue with a weave pattern reminiscent of the ocean's surface. A white v neck collar and the white cuffs contain navy and red elements, the traditional colours of the club.

Below the neckline on the back there is a slogan reading "Bahia is the world", and a globe emblem is found on the cuffs. A special jocktag is placed above the hemline.

More Sky Blue Kits to Follow?

Some recent City Football Group club shirts.

Bahia will become the 13th club in City Football Group's international portfolio. Almost all clubs updated their visual identity shortly after becoming part of City Group, with roundel crests adopted by many and sky blue adopted as their primary colour, reflecting that of Man City and the group themselves.

Bahia have used the colours of white, blue and red since their inception in 1931, representing the two teams which merged to form the new club and the state of Bahia. City Football Group have not forced all of their clubs to adopt the same visual identity, allowing their recent acquisitions to keep their primary colours and crests, but introducing sky blue shirts as away or third kits. We could see this same pattern emerging in Bahia kits in years to come.

Made by Esquadrão. Are you a fan of Bahia's "City Group" shirt? Comment below.