Official: Hummel Announce Werder Bremen Kit Deal From 23-24 Season

Confirming the rumors, Werder Bremen and Hummel today officially announced a six-year kit deal, valid from 2023-2024 until 2029-2030. Hummel replace Umbro two years ahead of schedule.

Hummel to Make Werder Bremen Kits From 2023-2024 Until At Least 2029-2030

Hummel and Werder Bremen will focus on sustainability and values such as tradition, authenticity, and passion for sports. Werder Bremen's marketing partner, Infront, facilitated the collaboration. Hummel already provide kits for another Bundesliga team, 1. FC Köln. Hummel's CEO is excited to expand their presence in the German football market and offer fans innovative products.

"We are very pleased that we have been able to win hummel, a genuine traditional brand that is known worldwide and combines sport and lifestyle, for its commitment to Werder," said Klaus Filbry, Chairman of the Management Board of SV Werder Bremen. "For our new partner, sustainability is part of the corporate mission statement. Tradition, authenticity and passion for sports are writ large. That's why hummel is an excellent fit for SV Werder and its values."

Werder Bremen wore blue with Hummel because of a canned fish producer

Hummel have in fact sponsored the club before. From 1976 to 1978, the Danish brand outfitted the north-German, however, blue and then red were used as the home colors, something Werder have not worn since. They wore these unfitting colors because of the main sponsor Norda, a manufacturer of canned fish.

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