100% Official 2022 World Cup Winners Badge & Match Insignia Finally Available

Got an official Argentina kit and wanted to round it off with the 2022 World Cup winners badge and/or the 2022 World Cup final insignia? It is now finally possible to get the authentic versions of both.

2022 World Cup Winners Badge & Official Match Day Insignia Available For Less Than 10 Euro

SportingID, the official supplier of the FIFA World Cup winners badge, have made the gold badge available to the public, in cooperation with retailer Subside Sports. But not only that - the company have also released the 100% official matchday insignia of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final between Argentina and France that took place on December 18th, 2022.

SportingID supply FIFA, UEFA & The Fa

SportingID are a leading provider of official player identification names, numbers, and sleeve badges. The Irish company supply the UEFA Champions League (and all other UEFA competitions), the England national teams, and also FIFA.

2022 World Cup Winners Badge - 8 GBP

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Adidas Argentina 2022 World Cup Final Insignia - 9 GBP

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The gold 2022 World Cup winners badge is available for just 8 GBP, while the matchday insignia costs you still a reasonable 9 GBP via Subside Sports.

You will need professional machines or a friendly local retailer

Of course, you will need a machine for Plastic Flex Transfers (matchday insignia) or a machine for Flock Transfers (golden badge) to get it on the kit. Or, more easily and affordably, you know a local retailer that will do it for you.

Meanwhile, the official 2022 World Cup sleeve badges are not available to buy yet.

Do you like that SportingID make both available to the public? Do you think the pricing is fair? Let us know in the comments below.