Nike Liverpool x LeBron James Kit + Previously Unseen Basketball Jersey Revealed - Not Launched Yet

Update: LeBron James has become the NBA's all-time top scorer yesterday night. Liverpool took the chance to gratulate LeBron. In addition, they showed off more pictures of the LeBron Nike x Liverpool collection, including pictures of a previously unseen basketball jersey. We can leak more pictures of the Nike x Liverpool x LeBron basketball jersey.

Nike Liverpool x LeBron James Basketball Jersey

Liverpool Gratulates LeBron James For Becoming NBA All-Time Top Scorer

Update: Liverpool have teased the launch of the Nike x LeBron James x Liverpool jersey with two pictures this early evening. This probably means that the full launch will take place tomorrow, February 8, 2023.

LeBron Owns 2% of Liverpool

LeBron bought a 2% stake in the club in 2011 and has been spotted on several occasions wearing Liverpool gear, also sometimes posting about them on social media. The LA Lakers player is one of the biggest names in any sport on Nike's roster, and Liverpool are one of their biggest clubs, so combining the two makes a lot of sense from a marketing point of view.

LeBron James showed off the new Nike Liverpool x LeBron football jersey in late January 2023 ahead of the Lakers vs Spurs game, confirming the leaks.

Better Colors Than The Leaked Kit? Liverpool x LeBron James Nike Air Max 1 Leaked

Nike Liverpool x LeBron James Kit

This picture shows the all-new Nike Liverpool LeBron James football shirt.

The Nike Liverpool LeBron James jersey is predominantly black with red logos and a subtle stripe pattern that features the famous YNWA letters ("You'll Never Walk Alone").

Red pinstripes, matching the color of the logos, round off the look of the Liverpool LeBron James kit, which comes with the basketball superstar's logo on the chest.

Considering that it features no regular sponsor logo, it's almost certain that the Nike x Liverpool x LeBron James jersey will not be worn in any official matches. It could be worn for a pre-match warm-up, however.

The Nike x Liverpool LeBron James kit costs 105 USD, which is 15 USD higher than standard replica kits.

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