New Japanese Club Criacao Shinjuku Release 2023-2024 Home Kit, And It is Futuristic

Newly founded Japanese soccer club Criacao Shinjuku have revealed their home shirt for 2023 & 2024, and it looks futuristic.

Shinjuku have the J.League 100 Year Plan club statusCriacao Shinjuku are a Japanese semi-professional football club based in Shinjuku, Tokyo. They are currently playing in the Japan Football League, the Japanese 4th-tier league of football, since 2021. Shinjuku have the J.League 100 Year Plan club status. This status is given to Japanese non-league football clubs. The applicant must have an intention to become a professional club and to join the professional league, J.League,

The logo of Criacao Shinjuku is white, gold, and purple. The name of the club originates from the Portuguese criação ("the act of creating").

Criacao Shinjuku 2023-2024 Home Kit

This is the new in-house Criacao Shinjuku home shirt for 2023-24.

The in-house Criacao Shinjuku 2023-24 home jersey has the traditional purple color of the club. What makes it unique is a special pattern made up of many tonal small circles with some colorful circles implemented.

There is no brand logo on the in-house Criacao Shinjuku 23-24 home shirt. White is used for logos.

In reality, the in-house Criacao Shinjuku 23-24 football shirt does not look as great as in the renders, mainly because all logos are heat-applied and the overall manufacturing quality is cheap.

The in-house Criacao Shinjuku 23-24 home football shirt is not available to purchase.

Criacao Shinjuku 2022-2023 Away Kit - Carried Over

This is the Criacao Shinjuku 2022-23 away kit.

The in-house Criacao Shinjuku 2022-23 away football shirt is carried over from last season. It is white with a multicolor cross design.

The in-house Criacao Shinjuku kits are not available to buy online.

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