Oita Trinita 2023 Home & Away Kits Released

The new Oita Trinita home and away kits were released today. They are made by Puma and will be worn in the 2023 J2 League campaign.

Oita Trinita 2023 Home Kit

Check out Puma's Oita Trinita 2023 home shirt below.

The Puma Oita Trinita 2023 home jersey has the club's main blue color as its base with a combination of white, yellow, and black for additional details on logos, collar and sleeve cuffs. The club and its kit manufacturer also incorporate a half-tone check pattern on the front side to express the strong bond between the team and fans.

Puma matches the Oita Trinita 2023 home jersey with black shorts and blue socks.

Oita Trinita 2023 Away Kit

This is the new Puma Oita Trinita away shirt for 2023.

The Puma Oita Trinita 2023 away shirt is held in mostly white, while using the same design template as the home kit, notably the half-tone checkers pattern. There is also a combination of black, blue and red for detailing on the logos, collar and sleeve cuffs.

As for the matching shorts and socks, the Puma uses white.

Oita Trinita 2023 Goalkeeper Kits

These are the Oita Trinita 2023 goalkeeper jerseys, made by Puma.

The Puma Oita Trinita 2023 goalkeeper shirt has two designs, all yellow for home and all red for away.

The design for both of Puma Oita Trinita's 2023 goalkeeper shirts is pretty much the same as the outfield players' kits.

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