Sheffield United Badge Falls off Player's Shirt During Match

The club badge fell off Sheffield United midfielder Iliman Ndiaye's shirt in a recent match against Millwall.

Badge Falls off Shirt During Match

While we've seen Castore shirts fall apart if exposed to even the gentlest breeze, the heat was taken off the English brand a little bit recently as an image of another manufacturer's shirt experiencing similar difficulty did the rounds on social media. Sheffield United and Senegal midfielder Iliman Ndiaye was snapped holding the club badge in his hand after it had come detached from his jersey during a match.

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The few loose threads where the crest usually sits on Ndiaye's shirt seem to indicate that it was attached with just one line of stitching, so not the most robust reinforcement imaginable. In the photos of other players' shirts above and below, the edges of the badge are not in contact with the fabric, indicating that the stitching is placed a centimetre or two in from the outer ring, which would make it easier to come undone by other players brushing up against the crest.

At least the Erreà logo stayed in place, so Ndiaye didn't stand out quite as much as Ferran Torres back in February last year when he played in a badgeless and Swoosh-less kit for Barcelona.

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