Belgian Leagues Sign Ball Deal With Decathlon's Kipsta

Decathlon’s football brand, Kipsta are strengthening its influence in Belgium's football world as they sign a five-year deal to become the country’s official ball partner starting next season.

Belgian Pro Leagues Sign Five-Year Deal Ball Deal With Kipsta

The collaboration will see the top football divisions and competitions in Belgium, such as the Jupiler Pro League, 1B Pro League, Croky Cup, and Super Cup use Kipsta’s ball, notably the F950 model. Moreover, the partnership with Decathlon will also see all pro league division, senior and junior to play with the same type of balls.

Partnership Between Pro Leagues and Kipsta Originated in 2021

Collaboration between Kipsta and the Pro League have actually started in 2021 during the Super Cup clash between Club Brugge and Genk, which saw both clubs playing with the F950 model.

After further negotiations and talks, both parties finally managed to find an agreement to collaborate for five years starting next season.

Explaining the decision to sign a multi-year deal with Kipsta, Pro League’s spokesperson, Stijn Van Bever, revealed that following their collaboration in 2021, both parties find themselves with similar vision.

Our goal is to get more people moving and playing football,"

Moreover, Van Bever also revealed that the partnership between Pro League and Kipsta simply benefiting them together. "The Pro League will help to keep the spotlights on Kipsta and thus help make football equipment accessible to a wide audience. Our goal is to get more people moving and playing football," Van Bever stated.

Meanwhile, Salim Bennis, football leader at Decathlon Belgium also explained what they're company are about saying, "At Kipsta, our products are designed for amateur footballers but validated by professional footballers in order to provide quality products at a reasonable price."

After signing a deal with KV Oostende in 2020 until 2024 and Charleoi starting from next season, Kipsta's collaboration with Pro League certainly show their ambition to get more involved in Belgium football.

Kipsta Belgian Pro Leagues Ball Sponsor Deal - Key Facts

  • Duration: 5 Years (2023/24 to 2028/29)
  • Start Date: 2023/24 Season
  • Goal of Kipsta: Showing the football world of their ability to create quality at an affordable price pro
  • Goal of Pro Leagues: Giving Kipsta the spotlight, helping to make football equipment accessible to wider audience, and ger more people playing football
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