Best Value Kits on the Market? Tempo Replica Kits Cost €13

The small football brand Tempo may well have the lowest kit prices on the market.

Tempo Kit Prices - Summary

  • 1. Origin: Tempo (or Tempo Sports) are a football brand founded in Vienna, Austria, with headquarters in Egypt.
  • 2. Prices: Tempo's current season player issue shirts are priced at €29 while fan shirts cost €13.
  • 3. Sponsorship: The brand suppliy kits for Egyptian club Zamalek, Turkish club Adana Demirspor, and the national teams of Cape Verde and Palestine.
  • 4. Quality: The replica and authentic Tempo kits are visually identical and made of 100% polyester with a high-quality heated 3D crest.
  • 5. Prices For People Outside Egypt: Shipping and customs make Tempo kits more expensive outside of Egypt, with shipping to Europe costing an extra €30 and customs costing around €70.

Tempo Sports - Brand

Tempo are relatively new football brand active in the Middle East and Africa, founded just a few years ago. They make the kits for Egyptian giants Zamalek, Turkish club Adana Demirspor as well as the Cape Verde national football team. Since 2023, they are sponsoring the Palestine national football team.

Tempo were founded in Vienna, AustriaThe origin of Tempo is quite interesting. They are an Austrian-based company, founded in Vienna by Ahmed Saif according to the official Austrian company database. However, they are only active in the Middle East and Africa, and also have an HQ in Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt.

Football Kit Prices of Big Brands - Around 90 Euro for Replica, 140 for Authentic, But Soon Even More Expensive

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The price of football shirts is a regular bone of contention for fans, with the general consensus being that they are overpriced. Prices vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the RRP for a replica shirt is generally somewhere around the €80-90 mark. Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Kappa also offer player-spec versions of kits, with price tags of up to €140.

From the 2023-24 season, all big brands are going to increase prices, with Adidas going up to €100 for the replica and €160 Euro for the authentic.

Tempo Sport Kit Prices - 13 Euro for Replica, 29 Euro for an Authentic

Tempo's current season player issue shirts are available from their website for €29 while fan shirts cost €13.

Smaller brands tend to have slightly less expensive shirts but we have recently discovered that one brand, in particular, use a drastically different price scale: Tempo Sport. They produce shirts for the likes of Egyptian club Zamalek, Turkish outfit Adana Demirspor and the national sides of Cape Verde and Palestine. Current season "player edition" shirts with player name sets cost €29 on their official club website, with "fan editions" priced at €13.

Shipping and customs make them expensive foe people from Europe and the USAHowever, if you are outside Egypt, it becomes much more expensive to get a Tempo football kit. The converted prices are the practically same, but shipping to Europe costs you an extra €30, and with customs, it will cost you around €70 in the end. Shipping within Egypt just costs you €2 and is Free from around €50.

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Tempo Sport - Best Value Kits on the Market?

Tempo's replica and authentic kits are virtually identical visually.

Tempo's replica and authentic kits are practically identical at first glance, which makes the replica an even better deal. Both versions of the shirt are made of 100% polyester.

>>> The 3D heated crest can keep up with Adidas and Nike

The player version contains "DRY+ Technology breathable anti-bacterial fabrics", according to Tempo. Although the material used for their shirts does not feature intricate weave patterns like some other brands, their shirts seem to be of reasonable quality, based on photos and close-up videos alone.

The production quality of shirts from the bigger, more expensive brands is surely greater, but that difference in quality does not correspond to the enormous difference in price.

What is also interesting is that both the replica and authentic have a high-quality heated 3D crest (called "Authentic rubber hologram badge"). All other elements of the shirt are simply sublimated.

It is, of course, impossible to pass judgment without trying the product, and we would be surprised to find that Tempo's shirts are of the exactly same high quality as Nike, Adidas, Macron, and other well-known brands. Nonetheless, Tempo's price points seem much fairer and are much more affordable than shirts from the bigger brands.

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The price of Tempo kits is much more affordable compared to other well-known brands like Nike and Adidas, while the quality is good for the low prices. If you are outside Egypt, you won't profit as much from the low prices.

What do you think of Tempo's shirt pricing? Do you think that the quality of a €90 shirt justifies its price? Let us know in the comments.