How Barcelona's 23-24 Kits Will Look

Based on exclusive leaks, graphic modifier Rode1Kits has given us a sneak peek of the on-pitch looks of Barcelona's 23-24 home, away, and third kits through his graphic modifications in FIFA 23. Let us find out how close each could be.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Kits - Recreated by Rode1Kits Based on Our Leaks

The FC Barcelona 23-24 kits by Rode1Kits are all on our predictions for the home and away, while the third is based on a highly speculative design mock-up by us.

The accuracy of each kit differs, with the home kit being at least 70% accurate, the away kit being at least 75% accurate, and the third kit is at least 60% accurate (only the colors are known).

Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit - Accuracy Above 70%

Rode1Kits's recreation of our leak is at least a 70% accurate preview of the Nike Barcelona home jersey for 2023-24. However, it could be also very close or practically identical to the final kit.

Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit - Accuracy Above 75%

The Barcelona 23-24 away kit is at least 75% accurate. It could be, however, practically identical to the final kit.

It is already confirmed that the FC Barcelona 23-24 away kit has a classic club crest, a white base color, royal blue logos, and Blaugrana detailing (most likely on the sleeve cuffs). So the mock-up could more or less show the final kit.

Barcelona 23-24 Third Kit - Accuracy Above 60%

The Barcelona 2023-2024 third kit is surely the most speculative of the three. So far, we can only confirm the turquoise-green main and Blaugrana/white accent colors.

But why is the third so uncertain? For example, the chest graphic is solely speculated, and it is also unclear which color the Spotify logo will have.

2023-24 Kit Overview - All 23-24 Kit Leaks & Info

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