Dortmund & Puma Apologize For Kit Chaos And Announce Reproduction of Kits

Update: In a good act for everyone, Puma and Dortmund not only apologized for the problems with fans missing out on their special edition kit and have decided to reproduce the kit so that every fan gets a chance to own it.

60,000 kits were sold in minutes/a few hours

Indeed, about 60,000 kits have been produced and sold out within less than a few hours (BVB said that they produced more than six times as many as the limited edition 110-year blackout kit that was released three years ago [9,009 back then]).

Currently, no jerseys are available to buy in their fan shops, but the special jersey can be pre-ordered online until 28 February 2023 - all shirts for the second release will be reproduced.

BVB Special-Editon Kit - Apology & Re-Release

  • BVB and Puma apologized for the problems with fans missing out on their special edition kit
  • Around 60,000 kits were produced and sold out within a few hours
  • No fan will miss out - BVB will reproduce as many kits as are pre-ordered until 28 February 2023

February 18 - Morning Hours in Germany: Complete Chaos at Dortmund & Puma After Special-Edition Kit Release

Borussia Dortmund will be wearing a special jersey in Sunday's home match against Hertha BSC. Since Saturday morning, BVB fans have also been able to buy the new, all-black kit - in theory. Because: The demand was so great that the online store went to its knees.

Image via @jungUndWild13

There are currently 276,241 people/devices in the queue

Endless Online Query to Get BVB Kit

BVB's new jersey bears the motto "Because the embers never go out here". The pattern is a charcoal look, while the club crest and the logos of the suppliers and sponsors are in black. The Dortmund city map can be glimpsed in the flock.

Yesterday, on Friday, BVB announced that it would start selling the special-edition kit in their online store on Saturday morning (10:00 a.m. local time). The jersey, made by equipment supplier Puma, is available for €89.99, while children's sizes cost €69.99.

It is not known how limited the kit is

So that as many fans as possible can strike, each buyer may purchase a maximum of two copies.

Since BVB had already launched an all-black special limited edition jersey in 2019, a big rush was definitely expected. However, the demand on Saturday morning must then have surprised even the Dortmund marketing strategists. Shortly after the opening of the jersey sale, more than 150,000 were already in the queue (you can get in the queue using multiple devices but it won't makes things faster).

The specially set up virtual queue was temporarily stopped, as the many order requests could not otherwise have been processed.

Indeed, the mess is so big that several keywords related to the disaster are Trending Topics in Germany on Twitter - Sondertrikot (Special-Editon Kit), Warteschlange (queue), and Puma.

Puma Face Problems as Well, Buggy Kit Status

Meanwhile, Puma are also having problems with high demand after the kit. Their website is not offline, but there are multiple errors when you try to buy the SE kit. it first appears to be available, but then it says "Unable to order", before it displays a "Sold Out" message.

It is not known how many shirts of the BVB 22-23 SE kit were produced.

Germany's Twitter is dominated by the crash

This year, BVB has also come up with a special campaign: the jerseys worn in the match against Hertha BSC will be auctioned off afterwards. The proceeds will go to the victims of the severe earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

BVB Special-Editon Kit Availability - Key Facts

  • Borussia Dortmund released a special-edition all-black jersey made by Puma.
  • Number of shirts being available not disclosed
  • The online store experienced high demand and had over 150,000 people in the queue shortly after opening.
  • Puma also faced issues with high demand for the kit on their website.
  • BVB will auction off the jerseys worn in the match against Hertha BSC, with proceeds going to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

What do you think of fans rushing to get the blackout kit? Should they have made it a general away/third release in the summer, which would probably help to avoid the chaos of a special-edition kit? Let us know in the comments below.