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Coventry City Stay With Hummel, Sign Deal With New Hummel UK Distributor

Exactly 90 days ago, on 24 November 2022, Hummel's UK distributor Elite Sports Group went into administration, leaving many Great Britain football clubs scrambling to secure new kit supply agreements. Amidst all the chaos, now Coventry City have announced that they will stay with Hummel.

SportsPro replace Elite Sports Group

Coventry City Continue With Hummel, Sign 3-Year Deal With New Hummel UK Licence Holder SportsPro

Coventry City have managed to emerge with a new three-year deal with Hummel and their new UK license and rights holder, SportsPro. This is in stark contrast to Bristol City, who chose to end their partnership with Hummel and switch to another supplier.

Coventry City and Hummel have a history of producing unique and eye-catching kit designs, including the iconic Two-Tone third kits and the recent City of Culture shirt. The new partnership will see Hummel continue to work with Coventry City to produce bespoke kits each season, as well as a range of training wear.

The club has been praised by fans worldwide for their superb kit designs since the current partnership began in 2019, and Coventry City Head of Commercial Tynan Scope is excited to continue this trend with Hummel:

“Through our previous partnership we have been able to produce some iconic kits, which have proved incredibly popular with fans and resulted in record-breaking sales. The new partnership sees us continuing to work with many of the people who were integral in producing those kits, and our kits will continue to be bespoke and eco-friendly.”

Hummel's UK kit designer stays - he was headhunted by SportsPro

SportsPro, the new UK licence and rights holder for Hummel, has also managed to headhunt several key staff from Elite Sports Group, including Rob Revell, the kit designer who has worked closely with Coventry City's internal kit team over the past four seasons.

Chris Kirby, CEO of SportsPro, is thrilled to have partnered with Coventry City and is looking forward to producing garments that embody the spirit of the club:

“As a business our philosophy is to produce garments that embodies the heartbeat of the football club and that have character and class. Over the term, and hopefully beyond, we will work extremely hard to ensure that players, staff and most importantly the supporters wear our garments with pride.”

For Hummel CEO Allan Vad Nielsen, the partnership with Coventry City goes beyond a mere business deal:

For Hummel CEO Vad Nielsen, this partnership goes beyond a mere business deal

"For us, this partnership goes beyond a mere business deal - it's a celebration of two iconic brands joining forces to create something truly extraordinary. Throughout our years of collaboration, we have built a strong bond with the club and its devoted supporters, and we are thrilled to keep producing distinctive and remarkable kits that reflect the Sky Blues' unique character and spirit."

It's not just a new kit supply agreement for Coventry City - the operation of the Club Shop and Online Store will now be brought in-house, with a new Head of Retail to be appointed in due course.

Hummel x Coventry City 2023 Deal - Key Facts

  • In November 2022, Elite Sports Group, Hummel's UK distributor, went into administration.
  • Coventry City have reached a new three-year kit supply agreement with hummel and its new UK licence and rights holder SportsPro.
  • The deal includes supplying the Sky Blues' playing and training kit, as well as bespoke kits each season and a range of training wear available for purchase.
  • The operation of the Club Shop and Online Store will now be brought in-house, with a new Head of Retail appointed in due course.
  • The partnership continues hummel's collaboration with Coventry City since 2019, producing popular and unique kit designs such as the Two-Tone third kits and City of Culture shirt

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