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INSANE: Derby County Kits Apparently Have Major Printing Error

League One outfit, Derby County caught the attention of football fans on social media after posting a picture showing their players posing with the same kit but with different colors on the shirt sponsor.

Derby announced the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) as their shirt sponsor back on November 2022. At the first announcement, the green colors already looked a bit different. Earlier this season, before signing a deal with NSPCC, Derby were playing matches without having any shirt sponsors on the chest.

Faulty Prints? Derby Odd Sponsor's Colors Caught Fans Attention

Three Derby players, James Collins, David McGoldrick, and Jason Knight were the ones who looked like wearing the same home kit with different sponsor colors. Collins with a different shade of green, McGoldrick in the middle looks to have a light green color, while Knight’s shirt sponsor is in blue.

It wasnot the camera that cause the wrong colors

Posting the picture after an impressive 5-0 win over Morecambe in their weekend league fixture, there were some interesting reactions from fans on social media, who were questioning the different colors on the home shirt sponsors.

The printer apparently ran out of yellow

“Didn’t know we have multi-colored sponsors,” a fan wrote. “Why is knights sponsor blue,” another supporter said.

Printer Run Out of Yellow? Derby County Sponsor Is Wrongly Colored on Many Kits

There is no official information on what caused Derby's kit to have differently colored sponsors, but it is most likely because the printer got it wrong.

Green is created by mixing yellow and blue

There could be several reasons why the printer got the wrong colors, but one explanation is that it run out of yellow color so it got blue. Green is created with a mixture of yellow and blue, for those not into art/printers.

Originally and correctly, the NSPCC logo is green. The old logo was turquoise-green, but the new logo is a very standard green.

Indeed, Derby did reveal that they have some problems regarding the logistics involving sublimating logos in November 2022, which force them to sell their replica jerseys without any sponsors in front.

Didn’t know we have multi-colored sponsors

Different Derby Sponsor Colors - Explanation

  • Three players, James Collins, David McGoldrick, and Jason Knight were seen posing with kits that had differently colored NSPCC sponsors
  • Sponsor deal was only announced in November, so Umbro did not print it on the original kits
  • Due to logistics problems involving sublimating logos, Derby had to sell their replica jerseys without any sponsors
  • There is no official information on why the color is wrong on many shirts - The NSPCC logo is originally green
  • The reason for the different colors could be a printer error - the printer could have run out of yellow and thus created a blue-green color

What do you think about Derby County apparently failing to apply the sponsor logo in the correct color? Share your opinion below.