Revolutionary? Adidas Jamaica 2023 Kit Shorts Feature Pockets

Adidas and the Jamaican Football Federation have today launched the official team jerseys for the Reggae Boyz (men's team) and Reggae Girlz (women's team). With it, we also get a first look at the shorts and socks, and the shorts have a special feature.

The Adidas Jamaica 2023 kits have been designed by the "world's renowned Wales Bonner label". The jerseys are a "fusion of football, culture, and fashion".

Adidas Jamaica 2023 Shorts

The Adidas Jamaica 2023 kit shorts have pockets on both sides, a feature not commonly seen in traditional football shorts.

Pockets surely add practicality and versatility for everyday wear, but the size of the pockets make them possibly bad for football.

It is important to note that these pockets may only be present in the replica version of the kit, as there is currently no official information or imagery available of the authentic kit. In all images released by Adidas, players are wearing the replica version.

Given the lack of an official announcement from Adidas, it remains unclear if authentic kits without pockets will be available to buy, or at least provided to players.

There might be no authentic Heat.Rdy version at allCurrently, we can only confirm that it is very unlikely that Adidas will sell "authentic" Heat.Rdy versions of the Adidas Jamaica 2023 kits.

The marketing strategy employed by Adidas, which places a strong emphasis on the shorts with pockets on the official website, suggests that the company hoping to make it a selling point for the kit.

Adidas Jamaica 2023 Socks

Meanwhile, the Adidas Jamaica 2023 socks have a fashionable design, so you might look good as a full-kit-wanker even if you are not a child.

Full-kit-wankers and parents could love thisThe Jamaican national Women's team will debut the kit(s) during the FIFA Cup of Nations being held from February 13th – 25th 2023, so we do not have to wait for too long for clarification.

Adidas Jamaica 2023 Kit x Socks - Key Facts

  • Unique feature: Replica shorts have pockets on both sides
  • Authentic version - availability uncertain: Authentic kits without pockets unconfirmed
  • Marketing: Store pictures emphasize shorts with pockets
  • Fashionable design: Socks have stunning color block design
  • Kit debut: Women's team to debut kit in FFA Cup of Nations from Feb 13-25 2023

What do you think of Adidas adding pockets to the Jamaica 2023 home and away shorts? Let us know in the comments below.