Roasso Kumamoto 2023 Home and Away Kits Released

We have kit news from J2 League as Roasso Kumamoto launched their new Puma 2023 home and away shirts two weeks ago.

Roasso Kumamoto 2023 Home Kit

This is the new Puma Roasso Kumamoto home shirt for 2023.

The Roasso Kumamoto 2023 home shirt was created using Puma Tribes, applying the chevron design, which combines a belt-shape with an inverted V-shape. In terms of color, Roasso's home kit has a red base with additional black and white details.

As for the shorts, these come in red instead of using a contrasting color.

Roasso Kumamoto 2023 Away Kit

This is the new Puma Roasso Kumamoto away shirt for 2023.

The Puma Roasso Kumamoto 2023 away shirt has a white base with the addition of red and black for logos and other details. However, for the design, it basically has the same one as the home kit as it also uses the Chevron model.

The Puma Roasso Kumamoto 2023 away kit opts to use black shorts.

Roasso Kumamoto 2023 Goalkeeper Kit

Check out Puma's Roasso Kumamoto 2023 goalkeeper jersey below.

The Puma Roasso Kumamoto 2023 goalkeeper shirt has two versions, the home one is navy, while the away is yellow.

Both GK kits also have the Chevron details on the front of the shirts while also using matching colors for the shorts.

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