Adidas Tiro 24 Teamwear Kit Leaked - Inspired by 2006 Teamgeist

We have an extremely early Adidas teamwear kit leak for you today, as one of the new templates for the 2024-25 season has accidentally been revealed through a catalogue. It will become available in early 2024.

Tiro 24 Jersey

Here is the new Tiro 24 shirt.

The Adidas Tiro 24 jersey clearly draws inspiration from the iconic 2006 Teamgeist template. So far known in 6 colourways, the teamwear kit features a similar curved design element down each side with the Adidas stripes on the shoulders at a distance to the collar.

One major difference between the two designs is the placement of Adidas' logo, which was centered back in 2006.

Tiro 24 Shorts

There are also matching Tiro 24 shorts for the new kit.

The Adidas Tiro 24 shorts have the same Teamgeist-style side panel along with three stripes on each side.

Tiro Shirt History

The line of Tiro teamwear shirts by Adidas dates back to 2009, when the first Tiro shirt was released. In 2011, Adidas started numbering their Tiro jerseys, with one always being released in odd years (Tiro 11, Tiro 13, etc.).

The line of Tiro teamwear shirts by Adidas dates back to 2009
Tiro, Tiro 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23 (Competition Match) and 24

The only exception to this was 2021, which had no Tiro 21 shirt apart from a training kit.

What do you think of Adidas' upcoming 2024-25 teamwear template? Comment below.