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Antonie Griezmann Shares Picture Of Unreleased Nike Atlético Madrid 23-24 Away Kit

No other than Antoine Griezmann himself has confirmed our leak of the Atlético Madrid 2023-2024 away kit, which celebrates the 120th anniversary of the team.

Atlético will debut the kit exactly 120 years after the foundation

Atlético Madrid 23-24 Away Kit to Be Debuted in April For 120th Anniversary

Antonie Griezmann took his Instagram to appreciate the new Atlético Madrid 23-24 away kit. He shared a picture of the unreleased jersey with two heart and two scream emojis.

Interestingly, a mock-up of Griezmann wearing the leaked shirt was shared some days before, and Griezmann possibly liked that so much that he could not resist showing off the shirt on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, Atlético news channel Más Atlético reveal that the Atlético Madrid 120th anniversary 23-24 away kit will be already debuted against Mallorca on 26 April 2023, and will be also worn against Cádiz two weeks later. It later will become the club's 23-24 away kit.

Atlético Madrid were founded on 26 April 1903, so it makes very much sense to release the kit on the date of the anniversary.

The match against Cádiz in early May 2023 will serve as Atlético Madrid's anniversary match. Atlético Madrid will not only wear the kit for a second time but offer fans cheap tickets that are illustrated with a special design with the 120th-anniversary commemorative logo. We expect Atlético Madrid to use the anniversary logo for social media and match graphics from late April and early May.

Whalefin won't be on the front of the kit in the 23-24 season

Oddly, it is likely that only the Atlético Madrid 23-24 away kit previewed in the 22-23 season will have the WhaleFin season. WhaleFin and Atlético are expected to part ways this summer.

What do you think of Griezmann leaking the Atletico Madrid 23-24 away kit? Do you like that the club are already wearing it in the 22-23 season? Let us know in the comments below.