Castore to Start Making Football Boots

Castore co-founder Tom Beahon has revealed that the brand are planning to enter the football boot market in the future.

Castore to Start Making Football Boots

Castore are one of the fastest growing sportswear brands in general, and easily the most rapidly expanding in the football shirt industry. Since signing Rangers in 2020, they have signed fourteen more clubs, expanding into mainland Europe as well as obtaining their first international team contract with Ireland recently. They have more deals due to begin this summer and they also have designs on expanding further afield into Scandinavia, the Middle East and Asia. Primarily known for their kits, their co-founder Tom Beahon revealed in an interview with the Athletic that they also plan on entering the football boot market.

“I can’t tell you any more or I’ll get shot by my product team!” - Tom Beahon, Castore co-founder.

For now, nothing is known other than the fact that this project is in the pipeline. No timeframe or design info has been revealed or leaked, but given Castore's haste to grow, we don't expect the wait to be too long. From the outset, Castore have been heavily criticised online for their seemingly low quality products and apparently lax quality control. Beahon's comments to the Athletic paint a picture of a company that is fixated on brand awareness, creating the perception of Castore as a "premium" sportswear manufacturer, and extremely rapid growth.

If they hope to succeed in the long term, it would be wiser to invest more time and resources into their production processes and ensuring that the final product is up to standard. Football boots take much more wear and tear than jerseys, so Castore will need to be much more thorough with the whole process than they have been when rushing their kits out onto the market.

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