Cheap Adidas Argentina 3-Star Kit Released

Adidas have released a cheap version of the Argentina 3-star football kit some days ago. It is only available in Argentina.

Argentina 3-star Fan Kit

Check out Adidas' Argentina 3-star fan jersey below.

The Adidas Argentina 3-star football fan shirt is a cheap fan version of the official Adidas Argentina 3-star replica kit. It has the exact same design as the usual jersey, but comes with some differences.

In contrast to the official jersey, the Adidas Argentina 3-star fan jersey comes without any stitched logos. Instead, it has fully heat-applied logos and Three Stripes.

Another difference is the golden color used. The cheap fan version has a more saturated gold.

In fact, the cheap Argentina 3-Stripes Jersey is very similar to the cheap version of the Argentina 2022 World Cup Jersey released by Adidas in 2022. This time, however, the three stripes are heat applied and not continuous.

The Adidas Argentina 3-star fan shirt retails at a strangely high price of $ 21.999,00 Argentina pesos - these are 112 USD with the official exchange rate, or 57 USD with the "Dollar Blue" (unofficial exchange rate).

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