Colombia's Junior Wear Makeshift Kit Based on "Training" Template

We were recently made aware of an interesting kit on display in the Copa Sudamericana, which is South America's equivalent of the Europa League.

Colombian giants Junior FC wore the supposedly never-seen-before kit, which turns out was based on a simple Adidas training shirt template. Further investigation revealed that Junior had actually worn the same kit before, in a league game in mid-February.

No official explanation was given, but we believe that there are two possible explanations - the white shirt is the new away kit or it's a temporary option until a more official design gets unveiled. Officially, Junior only unveiled their new 2023 home kit.

Junior FC 2023 Home Kit Released

In terms of design, the jersey is exactly the same as the "Tiro 23 Competition" teamwear model that retails at around EUR 20, just with the club's many sponsors added across the front, sleeves and back. Curiously, Junior appear to be using a similar template, albeit sleeveless, in training.

As to whether "Tiro 23 Competition" is actually a training template or not, there appears to be a bit of confusion amongst retailers, with some listing it as a training jersey and others as just a jersey. What's clear is that we are not going to see it being worn by major teams in Europe, as the use of continuous three stripes on the sleeves violates the kit rules set by UEFA.

Do you think Junior will unveil a "proper" 2023 away kit in the future?