Cremonese 120th Anniversary Kit Released

Update: Cremonese debuted their unique 120th anniversary kit in yesterday's 1-1 draw at Monza.

Cremonese's new 2022-23 special jersey was released a couple of days ago, celebrating the club's 120th anniversary. It is made by Acerbis and will be worn in Serie A this weekend.

Cremonese 22-23 Special Kit

This is the Cremonese 2022-2023 special jersey, made by Acerbis.

The Acerbis Cremonese 2022-23 special jersey is based on the club's first ever the Acerbis Cremonese 22-23 special shirt. A lilac polo collar and cuffs add colour to an otherwise all white shirt.

The Cremonese crest and all sponsor logos are absent, with only Acerbis' logo present in the same shade of white as the shirt itself. Player names will not be printed on the back of the Acerbis Cremonese 2022-23 special football shirt, only their numbers in black.

A black version of the shirt will be worn by the goalkeeper. Cremonese will play in the Acerbis Cremonese 2022-2023 special shirt just once, against Monza tomorrow, with a special label on the inside referencing the occasion. Acerbis combines the Cremonese 2022-23 special jersey with black shorts and socks.

Made by Acerbis. What do you make of the Cremonese's special shirt? Comment below.