Is AI the Future of Kit Design? 5 Unique Kits Designed By AI

With the rise of AI programs, such as ChatGPT, speculation exists about how they will impact different industries. Will they also revolutionize football kit design? We made the test.

fantasy realistic snow mountain --tile --testp

The Midjourney Experiment: Creating Football Kits with Artificial Intelligence

To test this theory, we used Midjourney to create and search for unique patterns and designs that would look great for football kits. We quickly came up with some stunning looks including a Vincent van Gogh design, as well as skull, rose, and flower patterns. But we did not just showcase possible patterns but wanted to showcase them on actual football kits.

Midjourney create patterns and designs based on short descriptions

We took the designs to FIFA Kit Creator and combined the graphics with fitting templates, teams, and brands. For example, a Vincent Van Gogh Ajax kit, a gold Real Madrid museum concept, and a Japan flower shirt. The resulting designs impressed us, but we wanted to get an unbiased opinion.

The Unbiased Opinions: Fans React Positive to Football Kits Designed with KI

We shared our concepts on Twitter without disclosing that a AI created them. The concepts received immensely positive feedback from the public, confirming that KI-generated designs could be accepted and even loved by fans (if they don't know it).

Brands could create unique kits for a whole season in one weekWhat is also impressive about this experiment is that each kit took only about five minutes to design from scratch, which means that an entire World Cup kit collection could be created in just one day, or Adidas could create the kits for a whole season and 100s teams in one week.

Can AI Revolutionize Kit Design?

Overall, this experiment shows that AI has the potential to revolutionize the football kit design process and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Incredible Adidas Germany, Colombia, Spain, Sweden, Argentina & Japan 2023 Women's World Cup Kits Released

It is uncertain whether brands have already used AI to design football kits, but Adidas' 2023 Women's World Cup kits seem to be moving in this direction.

The AI reaches its limits when it comes to creating full kits including logosHowever, if you ask Midjourney to create a complete football kit including logos, the AI will reach its limits. This can be greatly seen when asking the AI to create a Juventus 23-24 kit.

Create your own concept football kits with FIFA Kit Creator and Midjourney

In case you were wondering why there was ">> fantasy realistic snow mountain --tile --testp" in the article - this an example of a prompt to create a pattern using Midjourney.

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