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Joma Deny Signing a Kit Deal With FC Zenit

Spanish-based sportswear, Joma insist that they have never signed any agreement with Zenit St Petersburg or any other Russian clubs, following the recent ban that the country received. The kit manufacturer were caught in a controversy recently after Zenit posted their new kit bearing the apparel’s logo on it.

Joma Deny Signing a Kit Deal With Zenit

Earlier this month, the Russian outfit unveiled their new home and away kits, which clearly show the Joma badges on them. Although Zenit mentioned that the jerseys were a collaboration with a Russian retailer, Wildberries, the unique design makes people curious about the Spanish manufacturer’s involvement.

The situation becomes a controversy since Joma also have an exclusive deal with Ukraine's national team who have been at war with the Russian. That current situation is also what caused many kit manufacturers cut their ties with the nation and its clubs. Many negative voices questioned the Spanish company following Zenit’s new kit announcement.

Joma Claim Zenit Kits Were Made by Russian Retailer, Wildberries

However, as reported by, Joma have denied that they signed any kit deal with Zenit or any other Russian teams for that matter. The company’s main office in Spain explained to Ukraine’s Association of Football (UAF) that they have stopped any sponsorship activities with teams from Russia and Belarus, and were not aware of or involved in making Zenit’s new jerseys.

“We confirm that Joma's headquarters in Spain have stopped all our sponsorship activities with sports teams from Russia and Belarus," Joma’s statement to UAF read. We have no direct contact - commercial or sponsorship - with any professional club there [in Russia and Belarus] and we were not aware of and have nothing to do with the launch and customisation of the new Zenit kit.”

“It's a retailer that can source products from our catalogue on the open market, where we have no control,"

The Spanish-based company insist that its logo appears because of Wildberry’s involvement as the retailer have the right to use it in the open market. “It's a retailer that can source products from our catalogue on the open market, where we have no control," the company insisted.

Aside from Zenit St. Petersburg, in the past, Joma also have partnership projects with Russian clubs, such as CSKA Moscow and FC Akhmat Grozny. However, Joma announced last year that they have stopped any support or kits production for Russia and Belarus teams.

For now, it looks like the matter has been cleared-up as Ukraine Football Association seem to accept Joma’s explanation about it as they don’t seem to plan on moving away from the company just yet.

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