Only 5 Colors Again: New 23-24 Premier League Typeface Released

Update: We get a better look at all colors as well as more on-shirt examples of the new 2023-2024 Premier League Kit Typeface. While the kit names and numbers have become bigger, there are again only five different colors - black, white, navy, yellow, and red. Thanks to Subsidesports for most of the images.

Update: In the upcoming 2023-2024 Premier League season, all teams will have a newly streamlined kit font. We have designed the name sets for 12 significant players in the Premier League, all of whom are nominees for the Team of the Season.

Update: The recent launch of the Liverpool 23-24 home kit has finally provided us with a look at all numbers and letters of the 2023-24 Premier League font.

The new typeface is available for customization in the official Liverpool FC online store for an extra £16. This increases the price of a replica shirt to a whopping £90.95.

Original article: The Premier League have unveiled the new typeface that will be used for all name and number shirt printing from the 23-24 season onwards.

New Premier League Typeface

The Premier League have given us the first look at the new font that will appear on the back of all kits from next season onwards. It is the fourth such redesign in Premier League History. The sleeve patch has also been updated. Avery Dennison, a company who specialise in branding and labelling solutions, developed the new typeface.

The new font is not vastly different from the previous current version, but the numbers appear to have been widened slightly, as you can see in the comparison below. Avery Dennison's Simon Allen explained that the design brief didn't call for a complete overhaul and that it was important to maintain the existing identity of the Premier League.

"The request was for the new design to be an evolution rather than a revolution. With many components to be considered, such as legibility, durability and readability, we also needed to keep sight of the Premier League branding. Through everything, we wanted to ensure that what we put on the pitch keeps the fans in the stadium and watching at home at the heart of it." - Simon Allen.

Premier League Kit Font History

One noticeable new feature, is the very subtle tonal pattern visible within the numbers, in a lightning bolt style. Judging by the launch photos, clubs will have the option of white, black, red, yellow or navy printing on the kits. Just as before, the namesets are straight or curved depending on the length of the name.

The new names, numbers and sleeve badges will be available from spring onwards, following the launch of each Premier League club's kits for the 2023/24 season.

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