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RC Lens Swap Players Names on Kits in Ligue 1 Match - to Fight Discrimination

Ligue 1 outfit, RC Lens caught many football fans’ attention this weekend not just because of their 3-0 victory over Angers but also due to their unique players' name swap. The Blood and Gold squad were seen wearing different names on their back in that weekend match as an action to fight racial discrimination.

RC Lens Swap Players Name in Ligue 1 Clash Against Angers

The match on Saturday was certainly a special one for Lens as they decided to start a campaign against discrimination and prejudice in an uncommon fashion. After a team meeting, they opted to play the match against Angers using a jersey with different names on the back.

Lens players basically swapped the names on their regular yellow home jerseys without changing their original shirt numbers. Football fans can witness how their number 8 star midfielder, Seko Fofana uses Jean-Louis Leca’s on his back. Meanwhile, Adrien Thomasson (number 28)wears the kit under the name David Perreire da Costa.

Lens Do the Name Swap as an Act to Fight Against Discrimination and Racism

The message that the club want to convey is that skin color or surname should not influence the human relationship. Lens’ players decided to do the action on their weekend game as it’s just a couple of days before the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is celebrated every March 21.

Aside from swapping names, RC Lens also bear a special message in front of their jersey that says, “our names say no”. That unique act by the club is certainly an interesting method that might be used more often in the future.

“A firm and categorical no to the fact of being able to discriminate against an individual by the mere sound of his surname,

The club also explained the names swap along with the special message on the jersey can convey their message of wanting people not to judge people only by their surname or skin color. “A firm and categorical no to the fact of being able to discriminate against an individual by the mere sound of his surname,” the club's official statement read.

That interesting act seems to be giving positive luck as in that game they also managed to pick up a comfortable victory. There have been positive responses in the local French media over that weekend action which might trigger similar action to happen again sometime in the future.

What do you think about RC Lens’ players' name inversion in a game? Share your comment below.