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Special Manchester City 2023 Women's Kit + Men's Pre-Match Shirt Released

Update: Manchester City's Women's team debuted the special one-off Puma 2023 "Equality" Kit in the Women's Super League match against Tottenham. The men's team wore the kit for pre-match training ahead of their clash with Newcastle.

Manchester City Women's Debut 2023 One-Off Puma Match (Pre-Match) Kit

Puma did not create any custom shorts and socks for the Manchester City 2023 Women's One-Off Kit. It was worn with navy training shirts and standard white/navy socks.

Manchester City and Puma have partnered to launch a kit range celebrating women and girls in football in Manchester. It will probably be used by the Women's as a one-off match kit and by the Men's as a pre-match jersey.

The Women's team will play in it for their Barclays Women’s Super League fixture against Tottenham on 5 March

The press release says that "City's men's team will wear the kit during their warm-up and walkout at their Premier League match against Newcastle United on 4 March, while the women's team will play in it for their Barclays Women’s Super League fixture against Tottenham on 5 March". We are quite sure that this means it will serve as a match kit for the Women.

Manchester City 2023 Pre-match Kit

This is the new Puma Manchester City pre-match jersey for 2023.

The Puma Manchester City 2023 pre-match football shirt boasts a fresh design in white, purple, and green. The color combo was not chosen coincidentally.

The colors pay homage to Emmeline Pankhurst, who played a pivotal role in the Suffragette movement, and her vision for gender equality. The kit features green, white, and purple colors, reminiscent of the Suffragettes, and emphasizes City's message that football is not just for men or women, but for everyone.

Purple as everyone knows is the royal color, it stands for the royal blood that flows in the veins of every suffragette, the instinct of freedom and dignity...white stands for purity in private and public is the color of hope and the emblem of spring.'

The launch of the Puma Manchester City FC 2023 pre-match range aligns with City's Same City Same Passion campaign, which seeks to inspire more females to play football.

Walkout Jacket

Available since March 3, the Puma Manchester City 2023 pre-match shirt retails at 50 GBP.

Manchester City 2023 Pre-match Range

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Made by Puma. Are you a fan of Manchester City's special Women's kit/Men's pre-match jersey? Comment below.