Insane: Thai Brand Copy Nike Hypervenom III Boots

What do you do as a brand when you sign a new player but he wants to keep his beloved boots? Thai superstar Theerathon Bunmathan has teamed up with Thai sports brand Pan - the player's new signature boots look very familiar. Big thanks to Thai boot experts UnderStats for the info.

Theerathon Bunmathan is a 33-year-old professional footballer from Thailand who currently plays for Buriram United and the Thailand national team.

Over the course of his career, Theerathon has won numerous titles with Thai Port FC and Muangthong United, including several Thai Premier League titles and Thai FA Cups. He is also known for his impressive free-kick-taking abilities and has scored many goals from set pieces throughout his career.

Before joining Pan, Theerathon Bunmathan has been wearing the five-year-old Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 in different colorways.

Pan T5 Signature Boots - Orange-Red/ Silver / Navy

This image shows the new Pan Theerathon Bunmathan signature boots in 'Orange-Red/ Silver / Navy'.

Pan's Theerathon Bunmathan signature football boots have more or less the same colorway as the launch edition of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 - a reddish-orange combined with silver and navy.

Instead of Nike logos, the Pan T5 signature soccer cleats come with the player's signature T5 logo and some Pan brandings like the Balancer Touch X logo.

But it is not only the colorway that is inspired by the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots. The tech appears to be more or less identical as well.

The Pan T5 football shoes come with a knitted Dynamic Skin upper with molded areas that are reminiscent of those of the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3.

All in all, the new Pan T5 cleats should perform more or less identically to the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 soccer cleats.

Pan Theerathon Bunmathan signature - Features

  • New signature cleats of Thai superstar Theerathon Bunmathan
  • Mimicking Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Flyknit
  • Dynamic Skin: Knitted upper with moulded areas
  • T5 "Theerathon Bunmathan" Signature logos
  • Colorway: Orange-Red/ Silver / Navy

The new Pan T5 Theerathon Bunmathan signature boots are not available to buy yet.

Let's hear your thoughts on the new T5 football boots from Pan below.