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Thieves Who Stole Salah's Boots Caught in Egypt

Police recently arrested two thieves who burgled Mo Salah's house, recovering some of his football boots among the stolen items.

Salah Boot Thieves Arrested

Mohamed Salah was the victim of a burglary in his homeland earlier this month. The two men responsible were arrested yesterday and were seemingly more interested in sporting memorabilia than money and jewellery. Among the items recovered were several pairs of the Liverpool forward's Adidas X boots and his two African cup of Nations runner up medals.

This is not the first time a story about Salah and thieves has come up in the media. A few years ago, Salah allegedly stopped his father from pressing charges against a security guard who had stolen from him. Instead, he made the man promise to turn his life around and offered to find help him find a job. Some reports say he also gave the man £1,000.

On another occasion, a gang of four robbers were caught in the act of holding up a store in Cairo while wearing Mo Salah masks to cover their faces. Kind of like the ex-presidents from Point Break, but more small-time and much less successful.

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