Did US Club FC Tulsa Copy Italian Club Venezia's 22-23 Away Kit?

US Club FC Tulsa have recently released their new 2023 kits, and their away kit has raised some eyebrows among football kit fans. The away kit of the US-based club has clear similarities to the Italian club Venezia's 22-23 away kit, leading some to speculate that it was a copy.

FC Tulsa are an American professional soccer team based in Tulsa, Oklahoma which competes in the USL Championship, the second tier of the American soccer pyramid.

FC Venezia 22-23 Away Kit vs FC Tulsa 2023 Away Kit

Both the Venezia and Tulsa kits feature the same number and thickness of horizontal stripes. With Venezia's kit being rated as one of the top kits of the 2022-23 season, it is hard to see a coincidence here.

However, both kits would undoubtedly fit both clubs. In fact, Venezia's kit design would literally fit any club, with white as a neutral color that can be combined with club-specific colors.

The kit was not designed by Puma but by the club themselves

The FC Tulsa kit was not created by Puma HQ but instead is based on the Puma TeamFinal Ultraweave teamwear, with the stripes and logos added by the club. Therefore, the Puma logo has the unfitting color black.

FC Tulsa vs LAFC Logos - Designed By Same Designer

Moreover, FC Tulsa's logo is strikingly similar to the logo of a better-known MLS team, LAFC. Both logos were designed by renowned designer Matthew Wolff.

Venezia vs Tulsa Kits - KEY FACTS:

  • US Club FC Tulsa's 2023 away kit has clear similarities to Italian club Venezia's 22-23 away kit
  • Venezia kit was released 8 months earlier
  • Both kits feature the same number of horizontal stripes and have golden logos
  • FC Tulsa's kit is based on the Puma Ultraweave teamwear with added stripes and logos
  • Fans have taken to social media to express their opinions, with some accusing the club of copying Venezia's kits

We would love to hear your thoughts on whether you think FC Tulsa's kit was a copy of Venezia's. Do you believe it was stolen, or do you think it's just a coincidence? Let us know in the comments below.